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It is both my pleasure and my passion to provide you – Healers and Lightworkers –  with a vibrant Light-filled array of international healing Experts and Resources, all in a safe, supportive Community where you can discuss the burning issues that affect us as Healers and Lightworkers. This is a safe space where we can learn, share, empower and support each other to shine our Light more brightly in the world for the benefit of all.  Learn progressively how to break through any limitations that are holding you back from stepping into your full magnificence. The time to move fully into your own power as a Healer and Lightworker is NOW.

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    Together we are growing as a thriving community.
    This is the place to go to engage in lively discussions, start new topics and get peer support and mentoring in all aspects of developing yourself to reach your full potential as a Healer and Lightworker. You can provide feedback and ask questions, and also add your own tips to our community of healers. Stop by the Forum and introduce yourself now. We all want to know more about the wonderful members who make up the Heal The Healer Community!
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    Check out the ever-expanding library of ‘Lighticles’ – Light-filled articles that help you grow spiritually to an even higher vibration. Lighticles are by myself and other inspirational authors. You can even submit your own healing articles to be included here, subject to admin approval, so this is a great opportunity to have your message heard for the highest good of all. Don’t be shy about expressing yourself – this is a safe-haven for Healers and Lightworkers to speak our truth.
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    Regular broadcasts and newsletters about upcoming  Teleseminars, new Heal the Healer products and programs, such as the new ‘8 Steps to Conscious Living Audio Program‘, as well as inspirational articles.
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    Make sure you never miss out on what’s happening at Heal the Healer. The place to go for news and updates including upcoming Teleseminars, new ‘Lighticles’ (articles) and other resources.   I’ll be sharing tips  for you to grow and expand yourself spiritually, coming into deeper connection with your Divine essence.

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