[EP9] Podcast – Love Yourself to Success – 5 Keys for Healers

by Michelle Mayur on May 29, 2015

Podcast Light up your Life - smallDan Hanneman http://academyforinvinciblehealers.com/ interviews Michelle. Includes Love Meditation

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* Catch all the iTunes ‘Light up Your Life’  podcasts here on the Blog or at https://itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/light-up-your-life/id867438578

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Michelle Mayur is 'The Healer for Healers', a visionary leader and the creative conscious entrepreneur behind the Heal the Healer FREE Membership Program for Healers and Lightworkers. https://www.heal-the-healer.com A published author and international speaker, she is based in Melbourne, Australia and has worked as a professional healer in private practice since 1995 at Angel Wings Healing http://www.angelwings-healing.com, specializing in Spiritual Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Contact michelle@heal-the-healer.com.

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